Why Are Bio-digester septic tank becoming popular in Kenya!

Biodigester septica are the most efficient and effective alternative to septic tanks in Kenya. The Septic is becoming outdated and developers are looking for better alternative to manage waste water. The Biodigester as an on-site sewer system is becoming the alternative that most people are preferring.

  1. Not exhausted. Calling honey suckers to your premises is both expensive and unappealing. You are left cleaning the mess that the honey suckers leave behind.

  2. Experts/technician installation. The installation team is made out of people that are specialists in their field. Just like plumbers are specialists in plumbing and fittings, waste water specialists come in handy for onsite sewer systems(though related, they cannot be substituted)

  3. Made out of properly vibrated and reinforced concrete which is more ling lasting as compared to masonry walling or plastic.

  4. Flexibility on positioning. Septic tanks are installed at the gate for ease of exhausting but a Biodigester can be installed at any position in the compound as it does not need exhausting.

  5. No leakages as its properly waterproofed and casted with propylene fiber.

  6. Meets the recommended discharge limits for soaking. For those that need to reuse the water, it must go through a secondary treatment to meet the acceptable limits of reuse. A Biodigester is a primary treatment system.

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